Sunday, June 6, 2010

Customers I Hate

  • Guy that orders coffee but never looks or says anything at me after he orders. Just stares blankly into the side.
  • Lady that whispers when she orders. How am I supposed to hear you?
  • Guy that always insists we accept checks. 
  • Lady that drives up to the mic and asks me to wait while she finishes her phone call. 
  • Guy that thinks it's cute that to let his three year old order. 
  • Lady that orders over 50 bucks worth of food and then cancels it when she forgets her wallet. 
  • Guy that always has like 6 dogs in his car. Air it out away from the restaurant dude!
  • Lady that orders for her entire church and insists we make everything with egg-whites only. Come on we're a McDonald's. 
  • Guy that hands me six dollars worth of change and drives off before I can count it.
  • My friend Young.
I'm a petty guy at work.


  1. I like this blog.. It amuses me.. Good job Peter

  2. DUDE. Spot on. I totally hate the jerks that can't even bother with giving out a simple "thank you". How you do not stab people with your plastic knives on a daily basis is beyond me.

    P.S. Thank you.